‎Zoho Expense Expense Reports on the App Store

Configure individual policies for your cost centers, branches, and departments to gain better control of employee expenses. It’s an end-to-end solution for streamlining business travel and expense processes. Not just for all business teams, Zoho has helped the accounting team as well. A remarkable thing about the Zoho experience, is the constant support they give … Read more

Sales Forecasting 101: Definition, Methods, Examples, KPIs

Below we share some of the best practices that sales teams should observe when doing sales forecasts. Sales forecasting can help estimate expenses and revenue based on short-term and long-term sales performance. Hence, sales leaders can use sales forecasts to discover high-revenue sales opportunities by targeting repeat customers and finding ways to broaden geographic reach. … Read more

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation firm in Sacramento, CA

Because every business is unique, our services are tailored to your specific needs to ensure you have the resources you need to achieve your financial goals. We proactively look for issues and solutions to keep you ahead of any surprises and save you money. As Sacramento’s largest independent accounting firm, Malkasian Accountancy is dedicated to … Read more

Adjusting Entries Types Example How to Record Explanation & Guide

This is posted to the Interest Receivable T-account on the debit side (left side). This is posted to the Interest Revenue T-account on the credit side (right side). In the journal entry, Depreciation Expense–Equipment has a debit of $75. This is posted to the Depreciation Expense–Equipment T-account on the debit side (left side). How HighRadius … Read more