The MetaTrader App has been removed from the Play Store Download MetaTrader from YaMarkets Now!

MetaTrader enables scammers to show victims fake earnings, a key element of a pig butchering scam. The abrupt disappearance raised questions about the underlying reasons. Speculations ranged from concerns over fraudulent activities to geopolitical tensions, though MetaQuotes has refuted claims linking the removal to Western sanctions against Russia. You can open a live account at … Read more

What Is Blockchain For Business?

TZERO integrates its BaaS ledger into financial platforms to create traceable, real-time actions within the finance trade. The company’s tZERO safety token, paired with its “Digital Locate Receipt” platform, helps monetary establishments distribute cryptocurrency and trace it all through the end-to-end spending course of. PayStand incorporates blockchain into fee and documenting processes to ensure immutability … Read more

What Is Quantity In The Inventory Market?

It’s important to notice that analysing inventory prices solely based mostly on quantity might not provide a whole image. Additionally, a typical false impression is that top quantity always leads to worth motion. However, a inventory can expertise excessive buying and trading volume selling volume with out significant price fluctuations, indicating a consolidation phase or … Read more

Taxation On Cryptocurrency: Information To Crypto Taxes In India 2024

However, if the value of the crypto gift from a non-relative exceeds Rs 50,000, it becomes taxable. Gifts acquired on particular events, through inheritance or will, marriage, or in contemplation of demise, are also exempt from taxes. Additionally, whenever you sell your crypto asset, you will be liable to pay 30% Capital Gains Tax. Some … Read more

10 Finest Crypto Analysis Tools For All Crypto Buyers

The most popular sort of platform for crypto trading, these exchanges provide quick, simple procedures mixed with a very user-friendly layout. As the name implies, a single physique governs and controls these exchanges. You can trade and retailer cryptocurrency assets Bitcoin, polkadot, Ethereum, and Ripple. It options real-time spot buying and selling, a forever free … Read more

xcritical Direct Listing Formerly IPO: Everything You Need To Know

xcritical is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can buy and sell 90+ crypto products like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Moreover, it seems like having a direct listing instead of an IPO is a sensible move. A direct listing can allow the company to sell shares directly to the public without any intermediaries … Read more